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Hi All.
First time here looks like a great forum. I have just brought a ex forestry block in NZ and a 8 ton excavator. Tractor is next on the shopping list :)

I need to fence the property and have designed a post rammer for the digger. Should be a fun little project and save a few k along the way.

So just need some advice on the hydraulic connection. Looking for 2 cyclinders on the rammer. One to lift the weight via a reverse purchase and dropping using a regenerative valve. And another to give it side tilt. So need 2 different valves. One standard reversing and one regenerative.

I am keen to have the control on the rammer for safety and ease of use. The hydraulics are all Rexroth on the digger. The foot pedal is a pilot pressure to the main valve block. The pump is a variable piston load sense. So a pilot valve needs to be opened for it to start pumping. I guess all fairly standard.

So Can I just put a "T" in the foot pedal pilot line and parallel up and run the pilot hoses to the rammer ? Or do I need to valve to block the foot pedal off and bi pass it to the new valve block?

So at the rammer end with the 2 valve. Can the pilot pressure just be paralleled up the same? Then run the main pressure AUX hoses into the valve block and have the valve block split it to the lifting cylinder or tilting cylinder.

Little bit green with Hydraulics. Been a steep learning curve. Any advice greatly appreciated.

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