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Possible to move deck forward an inch?

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I know this may sound weird but I want to move my deck forward about an inch. My soil here is clay type and compacts rather hard. I bought for my rear tires the 1 1/2" spikes you drive on and bolt for a type of aeration. I know it's not true aeration but it could help keeping the soil broken up at times when needed. Only downfall is I can't have these on and mow at the same time.

The left rear tire is clear of the deck about 8" but the right rear of the deck is almost against the rear tire. At the highest setting it's only about an inch from the deck itself. Weird design but it works I guess. The spikes hit the deck at settings 6 and 5 which are the highest. I try to mow in 5 as I don't want to chop the grass to low in say 4.

My tractor is an older Sears Craftsman with a 38" deck dual blade. Again if anyone has any ideas let me know. I can't seem to see anything underneath that would allow me to move it. Just two bolts in the rear to lower it possible. The front is on the bar type hinge to allow it to move up and down.

Argggg..... It would be nice to be able to move and use these spikes most of the summer so when I water most of the water gets down in the holes to help moisten the lawn up.

Any ideas?????
Thanks for your time.
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I think I answered my own stupid question sorry for wasting time all. The reviews on the amazon link show that you can only use them on the left wheel when mowing for craftsman models due to deck clearance. Arggg. Stinks but one is better than none????
Can still use both...just use another tire and rim and run a connecting rod to axle or rear wheel hub....Place weight in fabricated tray above spare wheel. OH and use alot of duct tape.
Get a tow behind aerator. preferably a plug type. I got mine from sears for $199 works great. The tine type are even cheaper. Just a thought, can you put the ones you have on the front tires? Ed
you could use them in the winter when you plow, they look like something out of "mad max".
Thanks guys. No they won't fit the front tires at all, they fronts are way to small. I think my rear's are 11" and they fit perfectly on them. I just wish I would have read more on them as they seemed like a good Idea at the time but now I am severely second guessing them. I would use the one on the left rear but will look like such a wack job riding around mowing with just the one tire hooked up. OH well.

I guess I'll wait until next year and get a plug tow behind and just use that once a year vs these waste of spikes......

Since you already spent the money, after you mow, take the deck off and use the spikes.

How big of a lawn are you talking about ??
Your better off selling them, take your losses.

If your not plug areating your just makin it worse.
How about dual rear tires?
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