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Poor dealer experience - What would you do?

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So long story short, I brought my 1025R in for some service a week ago. I got a call yesterday it was ready and I told them I’d come today (Tuesday) to pick it up.

I pulled up with my truck and trailer and went to the service area. I saw my tractor in the yard in the back and noticed a service guy jump on it. I was assuming he was getting ready to bring it out to my trailer but thought it was odd since I had just pulled up. I then walk by and go inside to pay for the service. As I walked in I noticed they were using MY tractor to clear some snow piles in THEIR yard. I have no idea how long they were using it today but this is unacceptable.

I actually was already in the process of trading mine in for a new 1025 or 2025. I even have all the numbers figured out with a sales guy and I just need to sign the deal. but now I have virtually no trust with this dealer.
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I've a feeling we're not in Kansas any more ...

Until 2002 I had been doing snow removal at dealerships, truck outlets, and small car dealerships where I worked in various positions from parts driver to sales and service manager. Using a customer's vehicle for anything other then to test it for the problem for which it was brought into service, would have been a big no-no at most places.

The problem is no matter how much you moan about it, the people involved are not going to see the harm and wrong in it, will just think you are wrong for complaining about nothing, and are a crazy old coot. Though they might pretend to give it lip service, they will just be mocking you behind your back. Though it might get you 15 minutes of fame on Tic-Tok.

On the bright side, did you see the news story where a truck owner took his vehicle in for service at a car dealership. The "mechanic" working on it, did not really know how to drive a standard transmission. While in the bay, the truck jumped forward with the "mechanic" behind the wheel and crushed to death another mechanic walking between the truck and toolboxes. The survivor's spouse/wife ending up suing the truck owner.

At least they did not kill or injure anyone with your property, including themselves, because otherwise you might be on the receiving end of a $1,000,000+ lawsuit yourself. So, there is always that!
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Michigan car owner sued after Jeep kills mechanic during oil change

"Femminineo told McClatchy News that the car owner is responsible for Hawkins' death in the same way that someone who lent another person their vehicle would be liable for any injuries caused by the driver. He said a person who lends their car is liable for negligent acts because they gave the other person permission to use their vehicle."

"they gave the other person permission to use their vehicle"
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