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Poor dealer experience - What would you do?

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So long story short, I brought my 1025R in for some service a week ago. I got a call yesterday it was ready and I told them I’d come today (Tuesday) to pick it up.

I pulled up with my truck and trailer and went to the service area. I saw my tractor in the yard in the back and noticed a service guy jump on it. I was assuming he was getting ready to bring it out to my trailer but thought it was odd since I had just pulled up. I then walk by and go inside to pay for the service. As I walked in I noticed they were using MY tractor to clear some snow piles in THEIR yard. I have no idea how long they were using it today but this is unacceptable.

I actually was already in the process of trading mine in for a new 1025 or 2025. I even have all the numbers figured out with a sales guy and I just need to sign the deal. but now I have virtually no trust with this dealer.
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i'm with dave55 record my OD and hour meter, reset my trip meters to zero, i caught a dealer master tech saying he road tested a truck for a steering issue when he failed to, saying no problem found, but tried the old you need bull stink.
leaving service to check my trip meters i went back inside taking the GM out and showed that the truck had only moved 2 tenths of a mile the distance from the lot to inside and back out, later i replaced the blown out internally strut's myself took them to the GM showing what was wrong, that tech no longer works at that dealer.

in a lot of these cases all we can do is complain up the line till something is done, IMMO they could have easily comped the service wrote it off and say we are sorry . as to myself it's one of life's lessons
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