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Poor dealer experience - What would you do?

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So long story short, I brought my 1025R in for some service a week ago. I got a call yesterday it was ready and I told them I’d come today (Tuesday) to pick it up.

I pulled up with my truck and trailer and went to the service area. I saw my tractor in the yard in the back and noticed a service guy jump on it. I was assuming he was getting ready to bring it out to my trailer but thought it was odd since I had just pulled up. I then walk by and go inside to pay for the service. As I walked in I noticed they were using MY tractor to clear some snow piles in THEIR yard. I have no idea how long they were using it today but this is unacceptable.

I actually was already in the process of trading mine in for a new 1025 or 2025. I even have all the numbers figured out with a sales guy and I just need to sign the deal. but now I have virtually no trust with this dealer.
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You should bring it to the attention of the current owner...with the thought in mind that you may need them in the future...see if you can at least get a free oil change or something like that out of them....using your machine fot their own needs....that is just not the right thing to do
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Reactions: 3 is in the past...the opportunity to do anything like that is lost
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OP has not been around since the day of his original post. Probably best to wait and see if he reports back without further speculation about what "maybe " or "probably" happened
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