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Poor 3016, sitting, sitting sitting. Pic's

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I thought I'd snap a couple pictures of this 3016 that has been in the same place for over 2 years. It actually is not in bad shape at all and shows 1060 hours. Not sure if that is correct.
Been left for dead I think.
I may leave a note on it and see if I get a call. I think it has the vanguard engine too, but not the gusseted rear axle. Must not be a very late model. I'm guessing 90's? My 2006 4023 had the newer rear and black frame.

This one looks to have lost it's cover obviously, probably from snow, wind or both.
Both that tractor and property looked un-touched for years.

A shame such a fine machine has been forgotten (at least it seems) and left out in the elements.



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I wouldn't go so far as to remove the thread. Both of my tractors had been "left for dead" and the only reason I am a case guy is due to that combined with my epic cheapness and a lot of luck.
My 72 222 was rotting behind my father in laws shed (free) and my 85 446 was growing mold and annoying the wife at a friends house (a bottle of Bourbon in trade).
Both great deals but only because I approached then correctly. Keep the thread open so others can learn the ins and outs of the same

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