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Poor 3016, sitting, sitting sitting. Pic's

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I thought I'd snap a couple pictures of this 3016 that has been in the same place for over 2 years. It actually is not in bad shape at all and shows 1060 hours. Not sure if that is correct.
Been left for dead I think.
I may leave a note on it and see if I get a call. I think it has the vanguard engine too, but not the gusseted rear axle. Must not be a very late model. I'm guessing 90's? My 2006 4023 had the newer rear and black frame.

This one looks to have lost it's cover obviously, probably from snow, wind or both.
Both that tractor and property looked un-touched for years.

A shame such a fine machine has been forgotten (at least it seems) and left out in the elements.



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Careful on the "I can fix it and sell it" thoughts, I forget how many of those "deals" I have brought home only to lose money in the end.

Shame if can't find the owner, check your local court clerk to find who owns the property, chances are its a older person or property in probate were the owner is deceased. Doesn't make sense why its sitting out like that.

If you can get in contact with the owner, may want to gently disclose you were on the property looking around, I had a simular thing happen to me a few years back were I found a bunch of Case Gt's, tillers and even a few Colts in what I thought was open business. Turned out this was a used salvage business that had been closed for years, any type of a deal to buy anything was ruined by the owner being upset that I had been on his property without him knowing about it. In my case I was surprised by the owners reaction as I could have helped myself to anything I had wanted but of course being a man of honest character, I had never even considered such.

Lession I learned from my situation, You got to be respectful of others property even if its just walking around on it.
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