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Pony Starter needs Love?

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Well, maybe it ain't the starter?

Here's what I did-tried to check out a Troy-bilt 17.5 hp (500 cc) yard tractor that wouldn't start. It would just "bump" the motor, but wouldn't turn it completely over-"Most times". Every once in a while, I'd get it to turn about six or seven times, then lock-up again.

I didn't get I pulled the starter, and "bench tested" it by hitting it with some jumper cables. It turned over freely...but I had I pulled the back off it, checked out the brushes and the commutator, which I cleaned a bit, then put back together and re-installed.

When I re-tried, it didn't make any difference, so I pulled the plug and it turned over like a dream, with no resistance that is. I put the plug back in.

I amped the lead wire that fed the starter, it was drawing about 22 amps...which tells me nothing, since I don't know what it should be, but still wouldn't turn the engine over.

Used a portable "jumper-starter", figured a bit more voltage might turn this thing over, which it did, and the amps were lower...which just confuses me. I guess its just ohm's law....or something!

Anyone else have some ideas?

Anyone know what a starter should be amping at, when in use???
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I don't know your engine, but Kohlers use decompressors to reduce compression at starting and then quickly return to full compression at minimum rpm. Check your engine manual to see if your engine uses this system as a starting aid. If it is not working, then you are trying to crank against full compression.

Did you ever have one of the old bubble nose Ski Doos. That little red knob was a "manual" decompressor that you pulled out, pull started the engine, then pushed back in once running. Centrifugal weights do it automatically on other engines.
Could be a few minor things such as a weak battery and/or loose cables. It's the B&S OHV engine so may need the valves adjusted. If the electrical side is good and strong it's probably the valves. Simple to do with a little searching here or on youtube.
If it cranks properly with a jump start box (assuming the tractor battery is good) then it's absolutely a circuit problem , most likely loose connection or ground problem . Try a jumper cable from the ground side of your tractor battery to the external housing of the starter , if it cranks properly then you will know that your problem is the ground side of the starter circuit.
Js and Mike, he's already got it fixed on another thread.:fing32:

Turned out to be improper valve adjust preventing decompression on starting and a pooped out battery.

A double whammy that kept people scratching their heads for awhile.:duh:
Yessir Guys! What Larry said!

I posted here first, then thought that not many folks would be on this thread so much, because of it being so specific, so I posted it in the small engine forum, knowing that it would get hit "for sure" there.

Thanks to all for the help! ;)
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