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Pony carb float level ? giving me grief

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I've cleaned out the gas tank on my "new" Pony, replaced the sediment bowl and line to the carb with new stuff and the Marvel Schebler carb leaks gas through unless I turn the gas off at the sediment valve when the tractor is not running. I have had the carb apart and all looks well inside. The needle & seat seem fine. I am going to experiment with minor adjustment in the float level and not opening the valve on the sediment bowl fully, to see if that will solve the problem. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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I have changed the float level several times and still have a gas leak thru the carb. I suppose that I will just have to shut off the gas at the sediment bowl every time I turn the engine off. That might be a little annoying once I put side panels on.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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