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Is there someplace I can get/see on how to set up a plow and how to use? I have an old ,what I believe is a 9 in BRINLEY style with a Coulter that can be adjusted with a screw type crank.I can get it to turn sod but with it fastened to the far right side and after making first pass and wheels in furrow my next pass is about 16in over from the first pass. Also I don't think I am getting it to go deep enough.I tried it without the Coulter and then it goes too deep and cannot pull it. Any advise on this would certainly be appreciated. Thank You Stan :dunno:
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Stan, I went to and downloaded the manual for their 10 inch plow. It explains how to set it up and adjust it for depth, basically everything I needed. Hope this helps. Bob
Adjust the tip of the plow up by turning the crank. Get the landslide or the back section to ride almost level in the furrow. It should be up slightly to keep the plow in the ground. It will pull much easier this way to.
Then work on the side to side. Make sure the plow is cutting the proper width. If it does not roll over good its probably to far to the left and needs to be moved slightly towards the furrow. Mine are usually hooked slightly off center closer to the furrow.


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I went through this several years ago and my brother simply typed (setting up a plow) on google search. To make it simple, your depth should be half your width(4 1/2"). Your coulter should be half of your depth. Set your tractor with plow on a flat level surface and put blocks under all 4 tires 4 1/2" thick. Now adjust the plow so it sets flat and level on the floor. This is a good starting point, but soil and sod vary a lot. This is what worked for me in the central sands of Wisconsin. Good luck, CASEBC
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but soil and sod vary a lot. This is what worked for me in the central sands of Wisconsin. Good luck, CASEBC
Your right on when you say soil varies a lot. I have one field that has 3 different types of soil and the plow will respond different to all types. I built a depth gauge wheel on my plow to help with the varying conditions I encounter.
It helps to not have to adjust so much.

Sometimes it's best to leave the coulter off depending on how much trash is on the ground. In hard or rocky ground the coulter will prevent the plow from going in deep enough or keep it from staying in the ground.
It takes patience and some time but you'll know it when its working right.:fing32:
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Thanks Guys especialy Mike with his pictures and With this information I should be able to get it set up and working the way it should.Stan
One thing CASEBC ,when you say level what do you mean?Front to back? This plow is not here, it is up North and I can;t remember just what it looks like(if it has an angle iron on it acting like a skid plate) Stan
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