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Please Note, Gents.

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It seems as though a fair amount of For Sale, Items Wanted, Thinning the Herd, Auctions, etc..... are spilling out of the For Sale thread. Need to make a concerted effort to keep the buying and selling confined in that area of the Walkbehind section.

Thanks for the help in this.
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yea we know.
Im pretty sure Brad is just trying to let everyone know so that, people who have not read the rules,or do know know there are rules/ or unaware of the sticky thread just for this will then be able to post in the dedicated thread. Obviously not everyone knows that there is a thread for this capstan......
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Thanks Brad! Sometimes it's just helpful to remind everyone where their posts should go so they are easier to find. Bill

Yes.. I forgot to say thanks so

Thanks brad !

But in the end people nead to read the rules.

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It's not a crisis when someone posts a for sale in the main thread or announces a reduction in their collection, but it just makes for a neater forum. That way, also, after a few days, the announcement has not fallen onto page 2 or 3, it's still there for those that might be in the market.

Thanks for the understanding!
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(Murph rushes in to the meeting Brad called and told me not to miss)

Uh oh. I was late again :)

Yeah... do what Brad said!
Thanks Brad. Being new, this info helps me out. I'll keep it in mind if I decide to thin the herd.
TY for the reminder, but with all due respect, I try to stay out f the for sale section. I have way to many Snappers as it is.

After joining this forum I suddenly have the want for a LB 22261 commercial LOL.
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