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Please help

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I have a question for you experts. I am new to the simplicity,AC,Wards thing and sometime I get a little confused so here is my question. I have been back and forth via email with this fella on craigslist about his tractor. I think this stuff would fit but wanted eveyones opinion on price and what to look for with impiliments. I have the tractor with a good deck but would like to have these attachments. What do you guys think of this.

Oh and here is my Wards.

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I'm no expert on the Ward's models, but the attachments should fit. You'll need the rear lift for the tiller but that should be on the tractor that's for sale. There may need to be some bearings replaced on the attachments, but that's doable.

The B-10 looks to be restorable or use it for parts.

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The snowblower is what they refer to as the 3 belt model and was the earlier style. These work ok but the single belt blowers are preferred, so looking at the visible condition and popularity, it would go for around $40 around here.

A hidden gem in that stack of goodies is the rear counterweight with extra donut weight. These are much sought after and used whenever a front mounted attachment is used to make the lifting easier. Those go anywhere from $75 to $150.

The rototiller looks to be a little newer style than the ones I have. Make sure all the pulleys and clutches are included as they often bring more than the tiller alone. It looks rough, but that doen't necessarily mean mechanically it is rough. This one is a big unknown. $50 - $150

Front blades go for $50 to $75 unless it is the heavy duty unit with springs. The one blade in the picture looks more like a Bolens blade than a Simplicity/AC blade.

I can't make out too much more from the pictures, eyesight aint what it used to be, but he refers to a grader and plow also. If it is a center mounted grader blade, they go for $125-$175 usually, but I don't quite see one in there. Also referring again to a plow, is is a bottom plow for plowing gardens or again is it a front mounted snow plow. Price ?????

The B-10 doesn't look too bad other than the paint job someone tried to give it with overspray on things. Would be a worthwhile project tractor. Non running $150 - $250.

That is just my $.02 worth and of course you know what you can get for $.02 anymore. Others might chime in with what prices they see in their area.
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Sometimes it pays to follow up on ads

I saw this stuff listed several times as a package. The guy finally listed as will sell separately. Hes only a 10 minute ride so I went to see what was what. The tractor was a bit beat up, didn't run and the pics don't show the painted over rust holes. The plow seemed to be a cobbled together affair, using a Simplicity frame and some sort of large blade, Bolens maybe. The tiller was a later model, early 80s maybe? He said it worked but it seemed like it wouldn't turn, he wanted $100 for it.
The blower was a different story. Early 3-belt, #2025014, seemingly 100% complete with all the pulleys and belts, and under the patina of surface rust from being stored outside looked to be pretty much unused - no wear on the shoes or scraper, paint still intact on the auger and in the chute, bearings solid, everything works and turns as it should. It came home with me, I intend to try it out on my fathers old 725.
The guy seemed desperate for cash, and he threw in a set of chains and the counterweights- stinger with 2 doughnuts - just to get rid of them, package deal for $100.

A bit of fluff and buff, new suit and its ready to go-

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