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please help.

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I have an onan 18 that is not getting spark. It's off of a gt18 suburban. I had to disconnect a few wires to pull it off so is there something that has to be connected to power besides the starter to get spark? Like the gray wire on the coil or anything? Thanks a lot for any info. :thanku:
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Ok thank you. I realized that it is more similar to an auto engine, then a lawn mower. It has an exhaust for each cylinder and a coil and wires. I was impressed, only thing negative I've read about the onan is it can be pricey to fix but once u get it running good ull nvr want to sell it. Hope thats an accurate statement.. because its a big motor and i could definitely use the power.
Oh ok well that's good to no because only spending 75 on the entire tractor I don't want to drop a big amount into it if I can avoid it.
For some reason it won't let me download it..
Never mind its working now. Not sure wat was wrong
So the onans with a coil, do they have a alternater?
That's frkn sweet. Thanks a lot guys for all the information.
1 - 7 of 12 Posts
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