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please help.

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I have an onan 18 that is not getting spark. It's off of a gt18 suburban. I had to disconnect a few wires to pull it off so is there something that has to be connected to power besides the starter to get spark? Like the gray wire on the coil or anything? Thanks a lot for any info. :thanku:
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I disagree that they are pricey to fix- If you buy all new parts they are pricey- you can get a plethora of used parts off ebay and craigslist. The coil needs to be wired with the + side to keyed power, and the - side to the points. The onans NEED a battery to run as the coil needs power.
Click on the "My free manuals" link in my signature- I have manuals for GT18, SS16, and 18/6 models- all are very similar. They have motor diagrams, wiring details, and general tractor info including part numbers
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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