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Planning an electric mower deck.

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I have a small 36" deck in good condition that I would like to convert to elec, am thinking I will mount it in front of the tractor, and put the batteries for it right on the deck, similar to E_Trac, but with its own batts. I will make the motor/ blade direct drive. Can any one recommend the HP or wattage and best rpm for each of the two motors? I expect the steering will be a bit heavy with the batts right on the deck, but if I do it right, I can use the deck on any Craftsman.
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You might consider using the motors from a Black and Decker CMM1200 cordless mower. They're designed to spin a 19" blade, which should be pretty close for your application. They're not too expensive (as motors go) and they're readily available on Dewalt Service Net. Click the CMM1200 link for the exploded parts diagram. Heck, if your deck will clear the 19" blades, you could buy the entire blade mechanism that bolts to the motor spindle.

I have a CMM1000, which uses the same motor. It'll run 45-60 minutes on a full charge doing typical residential duties. The battery is a series-pair of 12V12 SLAs.
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Thanks Grainman, I already have one of those mowers, & had thought about putting it on the deck, I will try and find another over the winter, as we travel the southlands in the warm.
I also have a line on used Golf cart batts which I can desulfate and use for power, I think a knife switch will be enough to get them going. Min cost that way.
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