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planing another 8N rebuild

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I want to do another N ground up build. Hopefully I wont have to get into the trans or rear end! that would make it a refurbished tractor.
I think the tractor will be a 1952,IF the deal dont fall thrue.
First question, who has the best deal for a v8 conversion kit? If this thought cost to much I will rebuild the 4 banger.
I have access to a 1940 V8,trans,radiator, front axle and rearend out of a 1940 Ford Coupe. These parts can be bought for two grand. the engine has 10 mile on a rebuild.
any thoughts?
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I don't believe the '40 will work engine/bellhousing, although I guess anything can work with enough time and money. I think the later models '49/up. Redrock has what looks to be a reasonable priced kit. They even have a kit for the 4.3 chevy. I wish they had that when I started building my 2.8 V6. It would have saved me a lot of headaches. Awesome henry also has a kit for the V8.

Thanks for this info, I have been thinking about the 40 parts for some time, Im glad I didnt jump the gun on that deal. I have been reading the sites that you guys posted.
Im understanding much more now. If I find a chev. conversion I could go with that, I already have a 305. I was going to put it in the choptop Ford. Its just setting on the table. It sure would dress out nice.
For the gas tank I can use the tank from a wheelhorse 200.
Thanks guys, this all helps, Maybe I can think and plan this one all out. I have found that playing it by ear ends up costing to much and there are to many pieces that wern't used and are setting around for ever.:crybaby:
Thanks again everyone:thThumbsU
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I have nothing against the old flathead V8. Finding a good crack free flathead V8 block at a reasonable cost can be challening. What I liked about the V6 is you can keep the
8n looking like an 8n without extending the hood and radius and steering arms. It's a nice fit. Search 8n/V6 project in this forum for some photo of fit. Still a work in progess but I must get that done this year. With over 20 tractors there's too many projects that need to be finished.
The 305 should be an interesting project. Keep in mind that figuring, planning and fab work will be more costly then just getting a kit and putting the finishing touchs on it.
It was 15 degres out this morning so projects on hold until it warms up a bit. No heat in the barn.

You are scareing me Kirk!:sidelaugh
I think the flat head might be the best choice, I have a v 6 ford in a expediton. I would have to use the computer to make it run properly.
I spoke with awesome Henry(via email) he does ford engines only.
I havnt found a outlet for GM engines yet. I would need a full kit, ME prefabing is out of the question.
Thanks Kirk. I will search 8N v6
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Try Phil at redrock. I know he had them for the 4.3 v6 chevy but I haven't been on his site in so long, maybe now he offers others besides the flathead kit. The thing is to go with an older engine with carb instead of the computer jazz.

OK , I will try him right now.
If you ever need to use a computered fuel enjected engine, I have a number for a guy in Texas that makes a wireing harness for your engine . VERY simplified. That the route I went with the 50 choptop Ford.
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i have a caddy northstar engine if you wanna swap that in!

you could have the 1st exotic tractor!
several years ago i had a Cad with a N Star!! WAY to much power! Thanks anyway :sidelaugh
Iffin you want more power and are going to extend the hood anyway you might as well go with the lincoln V12. It looks like a strecthed 8n.

Would certainly be a eye catcher at shows, Might be a little to radical for my expertise. :sidelaugh
I just hope I hear from the N owner today, I ready to go fetch it.
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I would have to pass on this one, it would be nice but I might have to sell my home to buy the engine:dunno:
V 12 pic:fing32:


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