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You are scareing me Kirk!:sidelaugh
I think the flat head might be the best choice, I have a v 6 ford in a expediton. I would have to use the computer to make it run properly.
I spoke with awesome Henry(via email) he does ford engines only.
I havnt found a outlet for GM engines yet. I would need a full kit, ME prefabing is out of the question.
Thanks Kirk. I will search 8N v6
Who is Awesome Henry? I'm new to tractors but bought a 641 awhile back and very quickly found an early Ford 4000. '63 40201. The engine is stuck. I'm going to get the loader off and then try to get it unstuck. If I can't I either want to rebuild it or put a Flathead v6 or v8 in it. I know I need a conversion kit. Having access to an iron foundry and a machine shop I may try to tackle it myself. Although I do think that would be cool I'd rather save time and by a kit. Maybe do it myself later. If Awesome Henry can help with this or if you know anyone else I'd appreciate your assistance. Thanks in advance.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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