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My wife and I were watching cooking YOUTUBE videos, looking for something new to try. Mostly vids by "Cowboy Kent Rollins" from Red River Ranch Chuck Wagon.

I like his Chuck Wagon cooking recipes using camping gear like dutch ovens, bar grill and a portable wood fired stove "old Bertha"....if you call a 385 pound steel/castiron stove portable!

After the first few I was just letting the YT-channel pick the videos. Shotgun Red's Pizza Dough video played (first time I've watched any of his vids) and I thought I'd try it out. My granddaughter LOVES pizza!

Recipe for 12 inch Pizza:

1 1/2 cups Self-Rising Flour & 1 cup Plain Greek Yogurt

16 inch Pizza:

3 cups Self-Rising Flour & 2 cups Plain Greek Yogurt

***I used plain IGA brand Yogurt***

Emily and I measured out the ingredients then stirred and hand kneaded them into a dough ball. We let it rise for 20 minutes then pushed out by hand the ball of dough into my lightly greased 17 inch cast iron fish frying pan...Deep Dish pizza!!!

Took the pan out to the gas grill with two bottom burners on medium and the radiant rotisserie burner on low. Spinning the pan quarter turns every few minutes to evenly brown the crust top and bottom. I like to lightly brown my crust before adding toppings.

Put spaghetti sauce thinly on crust, shredded Mozzarella cheese, sautéed onions, cooked Italian sausage, pepperoni and more shredded Mozza-cheese on top. Put the fry pan back in grill with the same burner set up on low flame settings. Again spinning pan a quarter turn every few minutes to evenly cook the pizza.

Pulled the pan off the grill, let it rest a few minutes to cool some and served. Emily ate a large slice all by herself. :tango_face_grin:

The dough is a little sweet from the Yogurt, I'm going to use this recipe for dough wrapped recipes like lunch pockets and of course put pie fillings into it for making desert pie pockets. :fing32:

I also made my wife some Cheese Patty pizzas, she has been trying to cut out breads. Basically spread out a base of shredded Mozzarella cheese into piles on lightly oiled cookie sheet, then put the pizza toppings on top of the cheese piles. Now place cookie sheet out on the grill and brown the bottom of the cheese to make a crust, let cool some and serve.



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That all looks really delicious! :fing02:

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I still have my Lodge outdoor cast iron dutch ovens from my Boy Scout leader days. Fond memories. I need to dig them out and put them to use with our grandson and show the young pups what real outdoor cooking is.

Remembering having a beef roast with potatoes, carrots and onions in one; the having three different cobblers in three diffierent ovens on the coals. Then, a hand crank Ice Cream maker with fresh/home made ice cream on top. Such memories....3
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