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pivot support break alot?

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I have a 2000 Yard Machine and both pivot supports are cracked all the way though. Is this common? Anyone have any replacements? They are part # 783-0726a for the right and 783-0727 for the left. I was thinking about just getting a buddy of mine to weld them and maybe weld another piece on the back side to stiffen them up.
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Any thoughts on this? Anyone see this or have this problem?

:sorry1: I have no clue.
It comes up as a bracket pivot support. No pictures of the part. What is it?
I just can't think of any parts on a MTD that could be called that.

When you tell me I probably slap my head, and say I sould of known that lol.

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On a 13as607h352 (2000) Yard machine tractor Part # 783-0726 A and 783-0727

Both of mine were broke when I got it.
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