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Here are some over view pictures from our tractor show we had on June 20 in Arkansaw WI We had a real nice turn out of 25 farm tractors, 32 garden tractors and a couple of other entries. I have individual pictures of the tractors but just wanted to post these 4 for now. We had a great time and the weather was 85 and sunny.
The show is on the street in front of my house and the pictures were taken from my deck, quite a view!


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Mike -

Thanks for the pics! :thanku:

Sure am sorry I missed it this year, but I'm planning on being there next year. Perhaps we could spread the word and get a few more MTF MTD members there, too. Would be a great get together. There's quite a few members from WI, MN and the UP that just may be interested.

Any more good pics to post? :wwp: Would love to see more.

Thanks again - see you next year,

BTW - do you know of any more tractor shows in the area?

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I will be happy to attend next years how. SammyRye(RIch) brought me to this thread and it looks impressive. I will be watching for the next installment of the individual pics.
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