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pictures as promised

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gonna take alotta work to bring it back to how it should and will again be tho
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It's got potential! Good luck with it, Ed
Greetings . What part of Tenn are you in , I'm considering relocating ........ Mike
ill try to get some more up this weekend very busy with the rescue squad right noe any one who is near gainesboro, tn is welcom to come up this saturday we are having an open house, with 2 extrication demo's, and free food plus lots more.

mike im in gainesboro its in middle tn near cookeville
Is that turnbuckle on the exhaust for guy wires? Just kidding. Can't wait to see it shined up with the hood. Are you gonna paint it original colors or a different paint scheme?
That turn buckle is on the exhaust so he can catch a power wire as lightning hits it so they can get the thing up to the proper speed to get back to the future!! hehe I forget how the hole story really went in that particular movie.....Looks sharp, a little TLC and she will make a FINE machine!!
Flux Capacitor..
lol i found that in the yard and hung it there for safe keeping till back to the barn.
yes i intend to paint back orig, but the hood is missing hinge part
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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