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Picture of my horse

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A right fine looking machine, that tire looks low in the pic though :thanku: for sharing :).
Looks just like mine, down to the bumper. I like that B&S engine it has roller bearings on both sides of the case, plus a cast iron sleeve.
Tire was low. Sidewall was gone. I bought a new set of tires. I cleaned up the wheels and painted them gloss ivory. I think they used to be a real light grey.

What color should the wheels be?
The ivory color is a close match to orgin. Mine where ivory or cream colored out of the box.
Got the new tires mounted on the rims today. The gloss ivory looks real good.

I still need to order a carb kit and a set of axle seals for the drive asle. Does anyone have a good place to order from?
For the carb kit goto the B&S web site. When I did mine I bought the throttle shaft and bushing as well (not included in the kit) Also bought the magnetron ignition kit which is well worth the money. The Kohler engine may be better but the B&S has been bullet proof for me I'd buy another for the price difference.
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Nice machine you have there pardner. I bought my first troy bilt the day after I rented a front tine tiller. Hands shook for about a day. You can't beat a Troy tiller. good luck and I hope you have a great growing season.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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