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Pic's of my Yard Pro aka "beast"

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She still needs me to wire up the headlight due to the wires being melted...*dad never noticed burning wires* and i got the band brake still making its way to me in the mail...and for the deck i have a stuck pulley*most likely the tension pulley due to me trying to loosen it like a car tensioner pulley and then tightening in too much...=(

Only thing replaced on it to this date is;
jack shaft on right side
main deck pully
fuel lines
fuel filter
spark plugs
oil filter
dif fluid
air filter
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:MTF_wel: Welcome aboard.
What motor do you got in that beast?
it has a 20hp kohler with 50in deck y2050b is the model number
Ahhhh...ya can't beat the old iron! Sounds like a durable and powerful machine - enjoy it!
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