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Pics of blades?

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I snapped the tie-rod on the 6m a few days ago, but I need some pics of blades, because I have some extra hardware from mine, and need to know how it goes together. :thanku:
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tie rod? blades? im a bit confused. Front blades?
I'm with Hugh on that What is it you want to know?
Hope this helps.

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Nothing came thru, Lee.

I'm confused, too, as usual.
@ Oo-v-oO

According to the properties of the image that you were trying to post, this is the picture.

Here is the image properties box from your post.

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still the red X is all I see
cool LOL there are the blades LOL
Ah - must not have been a linkable picture. Whoops!

Thanks for rehosting, Stripmine!
I mean Snow plows. I was just making a quick update.
So you had 2 statements in there...

1) You broke a tie rod on you 6M

2) you need pictures of dozer blades mounted on Customs so you can figure out how yours gets mounted.

I get it now...
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Yep, I have it mounted and working, but I have extra hardware.
Got any pics of the extra stuff?
I will try and get one asap.
Are your extra pieces two long rods?
If they are these, they go from the bottom of the Plow Frame back to the main frame by the foot rests. :trink40:
Nobody post pictures. Just keep this a guessing game and see how many pages we can make this post go. :sidelaugh:sidelaugh

Now remember no pictures.:thSick:
I think some of them had rods that hooked to the hitch plate too... I know the customs/XL's did
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