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Pics!!! 60 degrees What to ride today???

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Well it's 60 today here in Co, I think it's time for a bike ride today. As you can see the X500 is a beast sitting next to my bike.


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I let my wife ride it today, had to peel her off it. She loved it!!
I love my X 500, but when you say ride, I say GATOR, when you say work, I say X - 500. Have a great day out there. Sorry I cannot root for your bunch tomorrow. I wave the TERRIBLE TOWEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The broncos play @ New England today, they already got spanked by the Patriots. But you know how it is gotta root for my home team.. Thats a nice Gator tricked out real nice..
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My mind is still "TEBOW--ED" I don't think I slept for two days! But back to GATORS, my Grand kids have not visited, but when they do, I think they will have some fun:
Way to go Grandpa,they're gonna love it. I bet that was a beast to put on the back of your Gator?
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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