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On Saturday, I bought a Sears ss12 from a guy after seeing it in his backyard rusting away a few weeks ago and leaving a note on his door.
While I was picking that one up, he asked if I was interested in a Case 446 tractor. I checked it out, and it looks to be in OK shape, but it's covered under a half inch of dust in the garage. He has what he says is a 48" deck (looked like a 42-44" but I didn't question it) and a snowplow that he thinks needs to be modified to fit, but it's for a Case. It has the 2 cyl. Onan engine too. I turned it and it's not seized or anything like that. It has some type of hydraulic lift on the rear with a ball hitch on it like a 3pt. He said it ran it last a year ago (I would guess longer though) and it only needs a carb float and he seems like an honest guy.
When I asked what he wanted, he said "Oh, I don't about $500". I told him I'll think about it and that was that.
Today I called him, and said I'll give him $350 just the way it was, and he countered at $400, and I said "Deal, I'll pick it up tomorrow!.
Now, I need someone to tell me that I did OK???:praying:

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:dunno: you not only got a good deal, but you got a great deal.
The sleave hitch is worth 200+ alone, and if it's a three point 300+ :fing32:

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"Picking up my Case 446 tomorrow!"

I saw the title and thought... "man! This guy must be strong!"

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