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picked up a 444 today

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this came with a plow, snow blower deck and 3 sets of wheel weights.
while i was picking it up,i also got some scrap metal,had a nice load!


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Nice load! :thThumbsU
OK..... now what?
Hopefully he fixes it up and puts it to work. What's the point of your post?
He hasn't said what he intends to do with it, has he? That's the point of my post. You are assuming and we all know where that can lead.:biglaugh::biglaugh:

i bought the stuff for some parts for my 448 , i will keep what i want,and ebay the rest!
the 444 has the holding valve. i don't need the blower , or the tractor, was gonna keep plow and deck.
You're parting it out? That really wasn't the answer we were hoping for....
Ya see, Snotrocket. Another Desert Sunset Case is about to become extinct because someone needs a couple parts. What a waste.
i don't need anything from the tractor. i will try to sell it whole!
Ya see, Snotrocket. Another Desert Sunset Case is about to become extinct because someone needs a couple parts. What a waste.
I stand corrected and bow before your obvious psychic abilities :sidelaugh
That's encouraging. Your initial reply indicated otherwise but you cleared that up. Best of luck finding a buyer to take the tractor and hopefully he will restore it and not part it out like so many are these days.

Even if you sell it without the optional holding valve, that isn't a big deal and I wouldn't fault you one bit if you kept that item because I sure as **** would. It looks a bit rough but rarely are these tractors in such bad shape that they can not be brought back to life.:thThumbsU
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From the little we can see the tractor looks to be in somewhat good shape, however, it may be that it's too fresh in my mind but notice the fenders and rear tire chains?!?!?!? I just sold the rear tire chains that came with my 222 to a guy with a Simplicity GT. Good riddance is all I can say.

What a shame.
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Those fenders are Beat!!!! That deck looks like it it ran into a few manhole covers too. i would advise you to keep the holding valve and at least four of the wheel weights.

How 'bout some pics of your main tractor so we can see how you have improved your package?

Nice score, I don't want to know what you paid.

It really doesn't matter, possession is nine tenths and the point to all this is what you now own.

*EDIT* What is that hydraulic valve I see poking out from under the deck? It also looks like a spring tooth harrow and a lot of other unrelated junk.
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HI Kungdrew,

yes,the fenders are beat, but i have a case 446 and another 444 that were stripped.
and i have the sheet metal. and a bunch of other parts. then i have a 448,that came with nothing.
while i was there,i bought a log splitter,and he gave me a few cylinders, hydraulic pumps,and valves. not sure what the vale by the deck goes to. maybe a log splitter? not ssure.the guy was a pack rat. so, i pick up scrap metal,and he had a bunch he was gonna throw in a dumpster,so i took it! i'm getting 10 cents a pound for steel,so, by the time,i sell the splitter and scrap stuff,i will have gotten the case stuff for free! :)
i shouldn't talk,i have over 30 tractors. :)
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looks like alot of good deals on 444s are popin up lately
3 sets of wheel weights? Nice!
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