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I did a U-turn this morning because I was on way to work and saw three Gravely's sitting in a mans yard, turns out the city told him to clean up his front property a bit because its right on rt. 60 in a town called 'Milton' ( my home away from home, my wife was from there and my son grew up there and has a place there )
Anyhow he had 3 model L s and a rider that was covered-up that was about the biggest riding mower or whatever that was made and I think I have seen bigger cars like the old MG's that used to run around. But all B.S. aside it was a huge rider and the biggest Ive ever seen.
But out of the three I bought the worst one but got one of the little dozer looking blade and a 30" deck .
I was in a hella hurry but when I asked him if it ran he said "it did run" but he says the deck mechanics needs a bushing or something in it but who cares I have a few decks. I was in to big a hurry to do much but load it pay him the $200 and get to work.
I will take a pic of tag tomorrow cause its still in my truck in the rain.
So this one I will concentrate on it running and keep it because there is some brush and bamboo around my fence and out back and I could actually use one a little.
Its a beast but it'll keep me outta trouble. He gave me this nut that goes on the PTO or "in there" as he said.
Almost always pays to drive a pick-up truck. :)
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