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Picked this up for $10 at the scrap yard!

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I saw this cool old Ariens riding lawnmower while I was dropping off some scrap at the scrap yard. No engine on it but other than that, it seems complete. I asked the guy how much he wanted for it. He went on a long explanation, "Well we usually get good money for those, it is pretty nice looking, it would be easy to fix, you could make good money... how about $15? I though he was going to ask a lot more. Then I talked him down to $10.

I am not sure where the model number would be on this.
I don't really know anything about it.
Any info would be appreciated!

I think I have an 8 HP Briggs engine that would fit it.
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Forgot the picture!


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Interesting find. I drove one of those down a short staircase (4 steps) at my uncle's cottage when I was about 12. :)
I did find a model number on it. It is a 1970 Ariens Fairway. Model 12970.

Since I got it without an engine, what kind of engine would have been on this? I would like to put a "period correct" engine on it. The closest I have is a 1983 Briggs 8 HP. I think it would work fine but again, I would like something closer to the original (not that I actually know what it had originally :confused: )

Thanks in advance.
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