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Picked a moldboard and 3pt plate and handle

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Made a deal with Jeff in PA and got this 1968 10" Moldboard Plow 917.253020 and 3pt plate and handle. Also got 2 tires 7.50 12 tires and wheels. I need all the rest of the 3pt parts so if anybody has anything let me know. I know I read something about a diagram or plans somewhere with all the measurements to build your own. Anybody know where that is?

If I had the 3pt parts I would out there plowin right now lol.
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Lol, thought about that. I only had there while I was takin pics:fing32:

Thanks Merrie
Normally it does but not this year. Barely any snow at all. My yard is all muddy and soft.
Ok I thought that it would but you never know till you ask, we have very little snow but its been cold enough to freeze the ground hard.
Nope. It freezes at night and thaws out during the day. Just hasnt stayed cold enough for a long enough period of time to freeze deep at all.
This is the one I made, I can get some measurements tomorrow for you ?
Did you build the whole lift?
I don't want to hijack this thread but that is one sweet fabrication job umaxman :fing32:
I agree! Came out nice.

And GT80, I saw those ones on ebay. Pricey. I dont want to fight for one and drive the price up. But I keep watchin. Lol. I dont really have the right tools to build the stuff, but my friend does. So if I have to I will fabricate something. :fing32:
1 - 6 of 16 Posts
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