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Perceived safety switch problem with my 214

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My newly acquired JD 214 fails to turn over intermittently. I turn the key, nothing. It seems that if I wiggle the shifter lever after one or two tries she will start right up. I'm assuming there is some kind of safety switch that prevents starting the tractor while in gear? The parking break is on and seems to function as it should.
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Yep, you've run into the "Neutral Start" safety switch. Normally if you hold the gear selector centered between 3rd and 4th with a little down pressure it will work most of the time! I did have to take mine out and clean it once, not a process I recommend for other "fat fingered" folks!:banghead3
My 214 does the same thing,I have to wiggle the shift lever and listen for the click then I know it will start.I've not tried to fix mine as no one else has figured it out yet so it helps prevent unauthorized use!:fing32:
Mine does the same thing too and I even replaced mine during rehab. They can be adjusted but its easiest done with the fender pan off.
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