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Peerless 801 transaxle worth fixing?

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Just picked up a Bolens G16YT, has a broken axle.

Can anyone tell me if this is worth the parts to rebuild or am i better off getting a different T/A?
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I could get a new 820-037 peerless, supposed to be a bit stronger.

I know it has 1" axle shafts, but does it have limited slip?

Anyone know anything about these T/As?

Or have better suggestions.
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No one has an opinion on these, or a better suggestion?

I would appreciate some input, even if it is just to tell me they are both junk. :banghead3
you can check out the for sale threads and see if anyone has one for sale
as to rebuilding it. see if you can get a schematic of the transmission first and see if you would want to build it
I have looked at it, seems fairly straight forward.

I figure I will have around $100 in parts to rebuild the 801-006.

A new 820-037 would run me around $200 shipped, i would also need new hubs for the 1" axles, possibly different wheels.

I was just hoping someone might know enough about them to say which is a better way to spend the money.

If the 820-037 is worth the extra cash, then spending it doesn't bother me.. But, if the difference is negligible then i would rather save the money and do the rebuild.

Thanks for responding. :trink40:
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The 820 is supposedly Much stronger, I think it uses bearings on some of the shafts instead of the 801's bushings, the 820 is suitable for "ground engaging" attachments according to Peerless. The 820 has 1" axles so wheel change or mod will be necessary. I never read anything about the 820 having limited slip differential stock but I have seen the parts needed to lock it up for racing and such available on ebay.
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Thanks js520d, sounds like it would be worth the money.

I appreciate the info.
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