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does anybody know where i can get parts for a 1974 jhon deer 214 lawn tractor 16hp.preferabley in new england.:thanku:
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Rte 146 Supply in Sutton Ma. (I think it's Sutton).
There is a new dealer in Raynham that another member just mentioned lately, Padula Bros.
There used to be Tom's Lawn and Garden in Portsmouth R.I. not sure if they are still around.
You could also try a site sponsor" Keeping It Green". I've gotten good service with them in the past.
Did you put the 16 hp in your 214? It came with a K321 14 hp from JD. Just wondering. Take care...
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John deere never made a 200 series tractor until 1975 and the 16 HP version didn't show up until 1979. Almost any part for it is still available from a JD dealer. Not all hard parts like a frame but I just bought 2 small springs for my 214 and had them in 2 days for less than $5. If you need parts make sure you have the serial number of the tractor as there were many changes made in the 200s in the 12 years were built. For example there were 8 slightly different frames used over the 12 years. Roger
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