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Ok, I have $400 into a "66 cub 122 and it's in pieces I mowed with it twice and it blew up. Upon disassembly, I found a cracked block that was bored .030' over and patched w/rtv sealant,a chewed up piston with new rings on it and a warped head. I need a solid block, scored is ok as long as i can bore it...I will pay shipping but prefer local it's just easier...

I also found the steering wheel seized to the column/shaft, I need a wheel and a shaft b/c i am going to cut it off...

Under the engine, the frame was cracked, I might have it welded, but the axle pin was seized and someone welded the ends so the axle mount is screwed up and i would buy a good frame for the right price...

i need one front wheel b/c i didn't really notice when i bought it, but the one is wider (clearly off a murray or something)

also need headlight mounts, a front pto/starter pulley,solenoid mount,pto clutch, rear under seat tin,fiberglass seat and a exhaust elbow and a muffler, i found alot on ebay mostly i need a block and possibly a frame...

please let me know, thanks, kris - [email protected]
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