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Parking Brake Stuck ON -- Help Please!

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Hi folks! First post here! Was referred to this forum by a friend on a camping forum.

I've been using my parents' 2003 Murray Lawn Tractor (Model No. 465605x48A) to cut our grass, because our 1991 Murray (that mom and dad gave us five years ago is having issues).

I'm having an issue with the parking brake. It's stuck ON. Normally, when you push the brake pedal, the lever for the parking brake goes DOWN, and when you want to engage the parking brake, you pull the lever up, it stays up, and the pedal stays down. Right now, the pedal does not go all the way down, and the lever for the parking brake stays UP -- all the time.

When trying to drive, the lawn tractor will go for a while, but will slow down significantly, and it's obvious the parking brake is engaged and slowing it down.

I'm supposed to go cut my mother's grass tomorrow, and she's going to KILL me if I have to call and tell her we broke her lawn mower!


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Thanks, David. I found out what the problem is, but I can't get at it to fix it! I think I have to take it in so that it can be lifted to get at it. :(
If you have a jack you can jack up the tractor and set it on a jack stand or set it on a piece of a 4x4 so that you can get to it
hopefully it's something really simple - I highly doubt if it could be anything that would be broken or cost money to repair - at least you were using the parking brake and being safe ... it could be something as simple as a twig or something that got stuck up there or just a sticky linkage that needs a squirt of WD40 - this isn't a common problem, so it's most likely something simple you (or at the very least, the rest of us) will laugh about once you get it figured out

if you need someone to talk you through it over the phone, I'll be happy to ... you can PM me if you want and we can exchange phone numbers

anyways, lots of people here willing to help out with stuff like this - let me know if you need help with this

Happy Saturday

have you tried pushing the pedal all the way down and then forcing the parking brake handle by hand?
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