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OK, I`m not trying to sell this, I was interested in it myself but got lost on my way to this JD dealership. Anyway I changed my mine, so I`m telling anyone that is interested in buying a good sweeper. This is a heavy duty 36" sweeper has caster wheels under the hopper for added support.

The price is listed at $225.00, now to buy a new replacement your looking at a $700.00 price tag the pictures below show how good of condition it is in. I found this on JD machine find. These things are really built cast iron parts, hopper has no ripes or tears.

I`m going to blame my getting lost, on Google maps, plus I didn't have my co-pilot with me (my wife) she never gets lost, must be her Indian blood. Here`s the link with the phone # location is LUNENBURG, MA

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