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Panzer pricing help...

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Well, I am new to the game, but I have been keeping my eyes peeled for interesteing projects for a complete tear down restoration project. I just came across a Craigslist find that looks interesting. PA Panzer with mower. After a little research, I'm thinking it is a T758es??? The seller didn't list a price... they are taking best offer on it and giving it a couple more days! So far, they say the best offer is $350. Was wondering if anyone has seen similar Panzers recently, and how much they went for?? I don't need to steal anything, but I don't want to throw money away either. Any pricing guidance would be great!!!


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Well first off do you like the tractor and is it what you want to work on as that determines alot of its value on something like this and price range.It'll just be the down payment anyway if you give it a full restoration.If I really wanted it I'd go over there with 5 100 dollar bills and hand them to the sellers and say you got 5 minutes to decide whether you want to keep the 5 Bills or keep the tractor and never see me again.I'd bet my Hundred you'll come home with a Panzer.
would try it with 4 first....
Here's a nice Panzer that wouldn't be far from you and it wouldn't take 5 of your $100 bills either. I just bought another tractor from this seller a few weaks ago and saw the Panzer in his garage when I went to pick mine up.
No guarantee what the ebay one will go for plus the engine is in pieces which will add up to $$$$$.
No guarantee what the ebay one will go for plus the engine is in pieces which will add up to $$$$$.
I think this is about the third time that he has relisted it and I think he has backed on the starting price since he first listed it. If that is still to much of a risk with the engine in that condition you could still send him an offer for it.
Here is maybe an idea of others selling, these are around Cincinnati....
If you go look at it and really like it, take 400, then offer him 375 if 350 is their high offer with 400 your max or 450, whatever you decide. You never know how bad they want to sell.
Panzer pricing seems to be all over the place. I've seen total scrap piles sell for $500 then seen a nice one sit for months at $400. There certainly seems to be a high demand for them in this area, though. It wouldn't surprise me if the one you're looking at ends up at $400-$500 as it appears to be mostly all there and has a decent looking deck. I saw a nasty looking deck sell for $150 last year.

That being said, there are deals to be had on Panzers. Two years ago I attended an auction that listed a Panzer T-75. It turned out to be far and away the nicest non-restored Panzer I've ever seen or heard of. It was actually nicer than a few restored ones I've seen. It included a deck, snowplow, fieldplow, cart, and cultivator. Plus it included all sales brochures, manuals, and paperwork since new. There were a large number of GT collectors there as they were also selling several Wheelhorse GTs. There was a good bit of interest in the Panzer so I thought I might see it go over $1000. Ended up selling at only $550.:swow: I was kicking myself for not having the storage space and money at the time as we were in the middle of selling our house. After seeing that sale, I had to re-assess what Panzers are worth.
I have seen a few sell for 200 bucks around here,without any attatchments and in so-so shape...but I have also seen a few go for 750-1000 bucks fully restored,or with several rare attachments too...they are fairly scarce to come by and most owners know that,and wont give them away,no matter how tough a shape they are in..the plymouth rear axle with independent brakes makes them highly desireable,and the ones that had a hydrostat are rare and bring big money..
go see it and tell him you give him 350 cash and take it right now and if he says no then tell him you give him 4 at the most and take it right now. the tractor is going to have to be repainted. probably new tires and some odd and end work make sure you look at all the things wrong with it and make sure you point them out but make sure that he knows that you know it needs work and that aren't expecting it for nothing
...but I have also seen a few go for 750-1000 bucks fully restored,or with several rare attachments too...
I just did a quick Seachtempest look when I started reading this thread. There is a restored one in NJ asking $1700:Stop:
Thanks for all of the great info!!! I just got an email from the seller saying they will be taking the highest bid at 12/08/11 Noon. Current high bid is at $365... I'll probably shoot them an email tomorrow AM with my high bid. Based on the info you guys provided, and some surfing around on the world wide web, I feel comfortable bidding somewhere between $400-500. I'll let you know how I make out!! Thanks again for all of the help.
I have myself a Panzer! It's a couple hours away, so I am going to try and get it tomorrow. Saturday morning at the latest. Pics as soon as I get it home.
Got the new addition home today. The tractor is SOLID. I am really happy with the overal condition (I had not seen it when I bid on it). Motor is already out and on my bench. Thanks for everyone's help!!!! :thanku:


Nice looking tractor. :thThumbsU Here's one for sale in my state. I would say you got a much better deal.
Nice :) I am jealous
amstaff, very nice looking Panzer there! Looks like you got a good deal!
Nice looking tractor. :thThumbsU Here's one for sale in my state. I would say you got a much better deal.
I got a '66 Chevy short bed fleetside pick up out of Spokane! Nice score on the Panzer tractor!:greendr:
Thank you! I didn't think I would get it. I was excited when they emailed me and said I had the highest bid. Shocked actually!
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