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Pallet Forks for Mahindra Max 26XL

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I'm looking for pallet forks for my Mahindra category 2 tractor with quick connect & 26 HP to use for large round bales and pallet pick up. I don't want clip on forks to the FEL. I contacted the dealer and they said the max weight for my tractor is 900 pounds and forks would not work and my tractor would tip over, the back wheels would lift off the ground or the arms would bend. They recommend I trade in my tractor and upgrade. I reviewed my tractor's spend and it states "Lift Capacity to Full Height at Pivot Pins 1,402". The hay bales would only be lifted from the back of a pick up and transported to a pallet.

I am looking at the Titan Skid Steer 42" pallet forks with 49" bale spear that has a weight of 105 pounds. Round hay bales weigh approximately 1,200 pounds and would not be raised to full Height. The dealer states it could ruin my tractor, I think it would be OK. I don't want to spend more money on an upgrade. Any thoughts?
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What you stated is well within the specs for your tractor, with proper ballast. In this scenerio, I would consider a weight box on the 3 point the best option. What do you currently use for ballast?
I have water in the rear tires and will keep bush hog on 3 point in rear for counter weight. Is that enough?
Only one way to find out. I would do a trial run with a bale on the ground first, though.
Thank you so much for your assistance Cat385B. I'll post an update after I order to let everyone know how it works out.
I have no experience with your machine, but I googled it and there are several YouTube videos showing it can be done. One video lifted a bale on the 3 point and one on the loader with a spear. It is a small machine for the job, but it looks do-able.
The key you need to remember is the specs for lift capacity as stated is "at the pivot pin" . The forks, bale spear, and the bail are all forward of the pin, and as such reducing the capacity of the loader. The farther the load is from the pin the less the loader can lift which is why the clamp on forks aren't always a good idea. Another thing to consider is the extra weight that front tires and axle is going to see, dumping an additional 1200+ lbs. on the front axle could shorten the life. Contact an MTF member that goes by the handle of Tudor, I found him to be extremely knowledgeable determining the capacities on loaders based on the geometry. Don't guess.
Truimph_tech,. I have no idea how to contact Tudor. I'm new to this forum. Any ideas? Thanks.
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