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Painted wheels for 782

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Thought I would share my pics. Had a lot of fun yesterday.

The wheels make the rest of the tractor look like crap ha ha.

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Oh what a handsome tractor that is Joe...I'd get a sheep skin cover for that seat. You could make it fit snug with judicious use of a grommet tool. Then it would be perfect.
What no chrome and stainless???????????

Joe Your 782 have a Red or Black front axle? If it Red it was built on the IH production line. If it Black it was Built after MTD had take over production. My goal is to fined a 1981 made before april of 1981 or older red 782 to complete my IH cub Cadet collection. But the weights look good. :thThumbsU
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Really nice work - that is a good looking tractor, it deserves a seat!
Those wheels make the whole machine look better imo. Nice work on the painted wheels.
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