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Over Charging 416-8

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I Have a 1992 416-8 that is over charging. I replaced the regulator,cleaned and tightend all the conections I can find! If I keep the lights on at all times,the voltage is around 14.9-15.2. It runs over 16.5 with the lights off. Just wondering if anyone else has run into this problem!
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I've had the same problem with my 314-8 since I got it. I did the same thing, new reg. and went over all the connections too. Same thing, pushing 16v at full power, lights off. I hooked up a multimeter to it and the voltage was right on at 14.5 or so, but the gauge was reading 16+! I haven't cooked a battery or headlights yet. This will be the third year on the batt. Maybe just an inaccurate gauge.
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