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I know it's early to be talking about cabs and winter. I currently have a 4 sided JD Weather Enclosure for my X500. I worked well for me last winter. When I took it off for spring I noticed the magnets did some damage to the paint on the fender and the door did some paint damage from rubbing too.

I'm looking at the OTC now. My question is, does it do any damage to the paint or scuff the metal at all

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The quick answer is no - but you have to remove the foot pads and bolt it on so yes you could have some scratches on the foot rest area. And if you want to put them back on you will need to notch them out. I leave my off during the winter. Also a good idea to have someone assist you will putting it on and taking it off. It is not real heavy but awkward so it could get away from you and scratch your tractor. I’ve had my OTC cab now for two winters and like it. If you get one I would recommend the upgrade to the hard windshield.
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