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yes folks we sell Complete Oregon Product line currently im reworking the price structure a bit to help future customers and current customers save on there future purchases on the Oregon line

we sell a tough built yellow see thru 1/4" fuel line which is used on lawnmowers snowblowers tillers etc. this type fuel line does not need clamps and it is see thru not the dark fuel line which you cannot see thru you can be able to view the fuel to see if it is reaching the fuel filter currently we are thinking since Briggs is the only company that dont give us a discount we try to stress on people if the part is available thru oregon Get the oregon product instead cause this helps me more than trying to get oem briggs Tecumseh gives us a good discount rate to where we still make 25 percent on each part sale the reason i had to go down on Tecumseh parts is cause of our competitor who wants to charge under dealer costs

We also are trying to Get the last years inventory in Oregon sold to help us financially we need to sell these Oil filters and Solenoids that we have on the shelf we also have Oregon Briggs replacement starters currently on sell on the store at $ 69.00 this is cause we need to get these out the door as well
not to mention we sell Champion spark plugs too you order a Replacement Air Filter from us and a spark plug or two also that almost completes a repair job tune up not to mention we Sell 4 Cycle oil and for you mechanics we sell rtv gasket sealer mr Orange hand cleaner just visit the oregon Oil lubricants and chemicals section on that and dont forget the MTF member discount on our site if you register and tell us you member here we confirm that membership on the member list here you will get approved for 5 % discount on Oregon products and gator blades etc
currently we have obsolete parts by Echo poulan mcculloch homelite
so if you need any of them items please contact me before going elsewhere

so hope this month starts our busy season i know we were not here last year at this time as a advertiser sponsor but we are now so please support us if you can and i will see about helping this site in the future grow even more

thanks and God bless you all

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