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opposed twin fuel pump question

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I am the proud owner of a 14 horse briggs opposed twin. the previous owner did some monkeying with the fuel pump. i have recently been lead to believe that i hooked the fuel hose to the vacuum port and vice versa.
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I had the vacuum line to the to the inlet with green clamp and fuel to the red. Is this correct?
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Hello broken, no it is incorrect! The fuel goes to the left port and vacuum to bottom port.
Good luck!
I rebuilt the pump 3 times at just over $10 each time cleaned everything multiple times and spent several hours trying to get this to run. Finally giving up and blocking what i thought was the vacuum port to converting it to gravity feed. Thank you so much for saving me any more trouble.:thanku:
Look at bright side, only stupid question is the one never asked! I have done some good one in my life!! We cleaned carb and went nuts why it ran horrible, until I saw the hidden to me adjustment screw! :( Two turns and it ran great! LOL
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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