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Ooops what did I break (LawnBoy bad mixture)

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I have a Lawn Boy "V" series franken mower. Basically a run of the mill V bolted to an old Duraforce deck. Has run GREAT for YEARS. This year had some hard start issues so I bought a new coil. Again, things were great. Well, I ran out of my stash of LawnBoy Generation II cans and went in and bought a couple of those "newer" plastic bottles of LawnBoy oil. Well, I guess I didn't think to read the label and just poured one can in and added 2-gallons of gas. Apparently, this only made a 64:1 mix... Well, I made it through 2 mows before the engine started making a horrible rattle and seized up. That's when I realized what a horrible mistake I made. I feel horrible!

So, I guess I will be tearing into this when I get a chance over the winter. I am just curious what I may find.

On a side note, maybe that particular deck is just cursed. I was given the deck by my wife's friend because she straight gassed the Duraforce after she mowed her lawn for the first time post divorce(she didn't know she was supposed to mix the gas for it).
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Proof through field trial that oil ratios matter, sorry to hear that, go ahead and fix it.
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