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I've been speaking of Growing Onions for a winter sales crop.

I've settled on two kinds of Starts. I cannot use seeds as its too late in the year.

1. Cimmaron's, the normal Yellow ones you see in markets are good tasting and store well.
2. 1st Edition, a Hybrid is a good choice for taste and storage too.
3. 1015W-Texas Sweets is another hybrid of the Mexican Onions. Real hardy for growing in tough conditions, and good tasting too. Stores well also.

Among the things suggested are some organics.
"Superthrive" for super growing and "Maxicrop", a Mould product to promote Root growth is made from Seaweed.

I've made contact with the Alabama extension service. He's supposed to looking up some Links to what I need.
I'll look that stuff up. I have a friend who does organic gardening. I'll spend some time with him discussing the organics.

I'd sure be interested in hearing from y'all about your Onions!:thThumbsU
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