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One for all

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HEY JS i told ya i would post a pic.. :hide:

There are two 1951 chevys and a 1951 gmc. They all have grain boxes on the back of them..
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I just picked them up.. I am waiting for a full day to myself to get in there and try and get them going. I had plans but they changed. they are all for sale. A running truck would be much better for selling them. I also have a 1954 dodge and a 40's dodge.. The 54 dodge sounds like it may be leaving next weekend.
HEre is a pic of the ole 40's dodge and the 73 cj5.

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Here is a close up of the ole dodge.

It runs great the lights work.. heater well.. wear those insulated carhart pants lol it needs a brake job.

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I understand now .. why your looking for a bigger piece of property :00000060: :00000060: :sidelaugh
Well i refuse to show you a picture of my jeep herd.. :00000060:
dang g, they look pretty solid! i know if ya kept em you'd paint em all green:sidelaugh

how did you know??? This was done a week or two ago to test the color on the gmc..

:hide: :hide:
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YEs it is.. a ex military power wagon.
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