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Onan P218 starter Solenoid bolt size?

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Anyone know the size and length of the two bolts that hold the starter solenoid in place on a Onan P218G? Looks (based on the diameter of hole in the starter frame) to be a 1/4" bolt, probably a metric fastener? Trying to do this without pulling the engine. 9*F in the garage today and have to work barehanded because of space limitations.

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Solenoid is loose and one bolt is missing. Part of the on ging not starting electrical issues. I am able to access the solenoid from the underside by jacking the tractor up 3" (2 - 2x6 under each front tire) and a wheel chock behind each rear tire. I can easily access the missing bolt, the remain bolt is a phillips head cap screw. Can just get a 1/4" hex shaft phillips bit on it. It's 9* degrees in the garage and I do not want to pull the engine, with that entails. You know, the complete disassembly of the tractor.
The solenoid mounting bolts are 2 - 6mm x 22mm x 1.0. The originals were phillips head cap screws. Standard length HHB's are 6mm x 25mm x 1.0 I will replace with socket head cap screws with external star washers. This information is not in any Onan literature. I called my local Cummings/ONAN dealer and talked with the parts guy. He went thru all of the info that he had available to him from Onan and nothing. The bolts are called out as "included in the starter repair kit, Item #1, quantity 2 each." Which is the same information that I could find. By the way, the design of the solenoid mounting is such that one CANNOT use a HHB, no clearance for open end, box end or socket wrench. It has to be a socket head cap screw of some style, but NOT HHB!
That's OK, between you and Wisconsin Cowman over at Weekend Freedom Machines, we all have the bolt sizes for the starter and the solenoid mounting on Onan P 2xx series engines. Thank you for your information addition.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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