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Onan P218 starter Solenoid bolt size?

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Anyone know the size and length of the two bolts that hold the starter solenoid in place on a Onan P218G? Looks (based on the diameter of hole in the starter frame) to be a 1/4" bolt, probably a metric fastener? Trying to do this without pulling the engine. 9*F in the garage today and have to work barehanded because of space limitations.

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The bolts for the P series with solenoid shaft on starter are the HE800-0039 which when I look up are a 5/16 -18 X 3, The nuts are serial number dependent

-599725 go HE526-00246
+599726 go HE526-00122

Deere part site is not working for me today, but found info here:
My mistake, I thought you were talking about the starter mounting bolts to the block and not the solenoid to the starter.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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