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I just bought an old Owatonna skid loader with an Onan (24hp?) engine on it. after running it awhile I found out that the charging system does not work .I found the voltage regulator hanging from the left rear of the motor and some spliced wires. Does anyone have any information on this motor?
Model # NHC M/S2699R serial # 0674 819576
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Dave

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my NHC parts manual shows three different charging systems.
two are mounted to the oil pan,and one to the cowl.

i have a 74 nhc on site, it was in a owatonna skid loader.
it had the synchro 20 amp system.
this has a regulator, and rectifier mounted on the panel on the oil pan.
you HOPE you do not have this one(a VERY spendy system)
good luck. boomer ( the small time onan guy, that sells used parts)
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