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onan engine not getting spark

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Hello MTF! I have a question for the Onan guys.. I have a twin cylinder onan, and I'm not getting spark. I don't have the motor on the tractor at the moment. I took the motor off because the starter was froze so just took it off to check everything out.. I just got the motor and tractor not sure if It was running previous to me buying it or not I just wanted the tractor. But I no its not getting spark now.. any help would be appreciated. It has new spark plugs.
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it could be the coil or condensor
Remember onan's are like an auto the coil needs 12 volts to make a spark
WvBurban, you can test the resistance in the coil to see if at a minimum the coil is good. What engine is it? P218, B43, B48????
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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